Kitchenaid vs Calphalon Air Fryer Oven: Which Should You Buy for Making Fries, Chicken Wing, Nuggets

Kitchenaid vs Calphalon Air Fryer Oven. If you have been thinking about buying an air fryer oven with a large capacity, then you may have come across the big debate about Kitchenaid vs Calphalon air fryer oven. Both come with huge capacity and multifunctionality, so it’s obvious to get confused between them. That’s why, in this video, we compare Kitchenaid vs Calphalon Air Fryer Oven to see which will be the ultimate kitchen warrior!
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** KitchenAid Air Fryer Oven

** Calphalon Air Fryer Oven
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Foreign Supreme in modern kitchens how about we 
compare two popular airfryer ovens today   Yes we're talking about KitchenAid and 
Calphalon airfryer oven whether you're   A beginner home Chef or a passionate one 
these two might catch your attention and   If you're wondering which one 
could be your next kitchen mate   Let's find out the differences between 
KitchenAid and Calphalon airfryer oven When it comes to capacity both have more space 
than the average countertop air fryer oven with 21   Liter capacity KitchenAid is an absolute kitchen 
Workhorse medium-sized baking pan making it ideal   For preparing family sized meals cheap cakes 
or even roasting two whole chickens at a time   It's spacious in our space allows you to cook 
more in a single batch saving time and effort   Juarez alphalon with its compact size has 
more cooking space to show up yeah you can   Easily bake an extra large pizza for the Crowd 
Oh and it can handle up to six slices of bread   Too so if you're craving some homemade pizza 
or just need a quick toast fix this countertop   Oven is up for the challenge so Calphalon is 
suitable to meet overcrowded cooking needs   Whereas KitchenAid will be perfect for large 
families [Music] now let's see which airfryer   Oven is more versatile with nine preset cooking 
functions KitchenAid performs versatile cooking   Tests like a pro in a pocket-sized package 
from Air frying to dehydration you can explore   More dishes plus it has reheating and keep warm 
settings which let you serve meals hot and fresh   Another versatile meat or your kitchen is 
Calphalon with 11 cooking functions it's   Like having a pro Chef in your kitchen 
yeah it's got the classic bacon toast   Functions but wait there's more this 
little Jam can roast defrost broil and   Even make bagels so with this surely you 
have no limits to exploring more recipes So if you're a rose lover or neat defrost 
option more Calphalon can be a good pick   Or if you enjoy warm food after a 
busy day you can go for a KitchenAid   Regarding heating technology KitchenAid allows you 
to cook without flipping also it provides balanced   Heat ensuring that your air fried recipes turn out 
deliciously crispy and flavorful using little to   No oil in contrast Calphalon is powered by Court 
seed technology and turbo convection a heating   System that delivers 40 more heat distribution 
compared to Conventional tube heating elements   This technology ensures the food is evenly cooked 
and delightfully crispy on the outside that's why   If you want to enjoy no flip cooking KitchenAid is 
here or if you prefer and should be on your list Now you might want to know what you 
can cook with these airfryer ovens   Well weather be sweet potato fries 
or some homemade chicken tenders   Both air fryers can do that and 
that's not just about the fries Plus KitchenAid will speed up the bread proofing 
with its proof setting so you can bake white  

Bread or croissant with ease and if you want 
to prepare a tender steak then put the frozen   Meat in Calphalon and it will quickly defrost 
it moreover to enjoy juicy steak you can try   Count one whereas if you love to bake then 
KitchenAid will be suitable for you [Music]   Now coming to the most awaited part price 
starting with KitchenAid this air for our   Oven will cost you 219.99 whereas Calphalon 
comes with a slightly higher price tag than   KitchenAid that means you have to spend 80 
bucks extra to get this large airfryer oven   It comes with more cooking options so you won't 
feel guilty after spending 299.99 on it [Music]   The end if you're still wondering which 
one won't let us sort it out for you both   The ovens offer the convenience of countertop 
cooking with their multi-dimensional features   But the KitchenAid emphasizes its 360 degree air 
fry system at an affordable price and modern look   Well the Calphalon stands out with quartz 
heat technology with large capacity consider   Your cooking needs and preferences 
to choose the one that suits you best So that's all for our video about the KitchenAid 
versus Calphalon air for our oven if you enjoyed   Our video and found it helpful please hit the 
like button comment and share it don't forget   To subscribe to our channel for more 
videos like this on your feet [Music]   Foreign [Music]