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Parsley Leaves – Flavor, Color and Garnish Foods

Parsley is a natural herb that originates from a biennial plant, Petroselinum crispum, a participant of the parsley family members. Belonging to the Mediterranean area, parsley is grown readily as well as in home gardens for its leaves, seeds as well as roots that are used in food preparation.

Spearmint Flavors More Than Sweets

Spearmint is a natural herb that comes from a perennial plant, Mentha spicata, a participant of the mint family. Native to Europe and western Asia, it’s currently naturalized in numerous places around the globe, particularly in damp, moist or wetland habitats. The fallen leaves of spearmint as well as spearmint oil are made use of to taste desserts and beverages.

Peppermint Comes in Many Flavors

Peppermint is a preferred herb yard plant that has a peppery cool taste that is valued in confections and also beverages. Several cultivated varieties of peppermint are grown for their one-of-a-kind aromas and flavors.

Thyme Leaves and Flowers Flavor Savory Dishes

Thyme is a natural herb from a small, low-growing hedge, Thymus vulgaris, which belongs to the mint family members. Native to the Mediterranean area, thyme is now commonly grown in Europe and The United States And Canada for its important oil and for the natural herb as a flavoring representative.

Tarragon – The Anise-Scented Herb for Chicken and Fish

Tarragon is a perennial natural herb, Artemisia dracunculus, and a participant of the aster family. It’s native to western Asia and also Siberia as well as now cultivated in southerly Europe and also in North America. The fragile anise-like flavor of tarragon improves light flavorful recipes like poultry and also fish.

Summer Savory Adds Peppery Zest to Meaty Foods

Summer season savory is a natural herb that comes from an annual plant, Satureja hortensis, a participant of the mint household. Native to southern Europe, summer season savory is expanded for its aroma and sharp flavor that is made use of to season savory foods.

Mustard Seeds – Black, Brown and Yellow Spices

Mustard seed is a seasoning that comes from one or more mustard plants in the cabbage household. Mustard plants that supply seeds for flavoring many foods were belonging to the Mediterranean region, and now they grow worldwide. Mustard seeds are made use of in many cuisines for their spicy taste.

Rosemary – An Evergreen Herb for Seasoning Savory Foods

Rosemary is a perennial natural herb of Mediterranean beginning, Rosmarinus officinalis, and also a member of the mint household. It is expanded for its resinous fragrance and taste that is made use of to period a number of foods. Rosemary is grown in organic yards in the USA and Europe.

Marjoram Is a Sweet Kind of Oregano

Marjoram is a natural herb native to the Mediterranean region, Origanum majorana, that’s expanded for its aromatic foliage as well as crucial oil. The scent as well as taste of marjoram is like oregano, only sweeter.

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