Why Magic Bullet? | Magic Bullet Blender Worth Getting?

Why Magic Bullet? | Magic Bullet Blender Review. Thinking about getting a Magic Bullet Blender? STOP! Before getting a Magic Bullet blender instead of Ninja, Nutribullet or Cuisinart, you should know about its performances. In this video, we will share our experience with Magic Bullet, so that you can find out whether this one is the perfect choice for you or not!
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Bullet blender is the culinary treasure To strive for a healthy lifestyle amidst A busy schedule and Magic Bullet Definitely comes in when it's about Bullet blenders so why not try it yeah We tried out the popular Magic Bullet Blender and today we will share our Experience so that you can stop asking Yourself first things first appearance This bullet style blender actually came With a basic cylindrical design in Including a black base and a clear Blending jar but there were some Colorful venal wrapped available as well We went with a simple black one because It matched our kitchen countertop it Would have been nice if they had more Modern or aesthetic design the stand out Feature was its performance we've thrown All sorts of stuff to it like frozen Fruits veggies nuts and all and it Blitzed through them like they were Nothing smoothies creamy soups done in a Flash though we noticed this struggle it A while crushing ice and Frozen fruits It would be better if you left it s for A few minutes at room temperature before Blending next up we experimented with Making nut butter and it was Surprisingly spot-on but what really Caught our attention was it's versality It didn't just blend it adapted besides The package came with different cups and Blades that created two other needs and

Switching between cups and blades for Different tasks was so easy as well it Was like having a personal sush Chef in Our kitchen actually this blender Covered up the need for a single serf Post workout protein shake dips and Salsas to test how the blender performed With different recipes we made batches Of hummus and chia pudding but it wasn't Smooth because we kept stopping the Blender to remove the cup and shake it To help bring ingredients towards the Plate that made these thicker recipes Take longer to prepare we tried to chop And minc garlic and onions and the same Thing happened so we mostly used to Prepare smoothies and milkshakes Frozen Cocktails and Page soups as this blender Worked great to blend them when you live In a small apartment space is the main Concern that's why we actually wanted a Blender that would be compact yet Powerful and this was perfect for us as Far as size is concerned it became a Permanent fixture on our countertop Without overpowering the space and want To know the best part its components are Stackable which makes storage hassle Free sometimes we even stored it in our Cabinet and it easily fits in there now Let's talk about usability it was easier Than other blender because we didn't Have to set separate features for Different drinks we just loaded

Ingredients press the start button and That's all Cleanup was a breeze too most Parts by dishwasher safe and a quick Rinse took care of the rest this means We spend less time wrestling with Complicated appliances and got more time To prepare other meals and guess what While making your your morning smoothie You won't end up waking the entire Family yeah that's the thing we were Also concerned about a blender but Luckily we had this blender about the Noise it actually wasn't loud like other Blenders which made us realize it was Worth every penny for a less noisy Kitchen Made ultimately we can see with magic Bullet our experience was magical yeah It didn't replace our need for a counter To blenders but it simplified our Morning drink prep for certain and it Was affordable as well but nothing's Perfect Right the Magic Bullet is no Exception if we compare it to other Personal blenders we feel this blender Can add some new features for better Control by doing so it will surely Outperform others so that's all for our Video about the why Magic Bullet Magic Bullet blender review if you enjoyed our Video and found it helpful please hit The like button comment and share this Don't forget to subscribe to our channel For more videos like this on your